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Discover high quality chest harnesses, collars and leashes in a variety of designs. We offer customizable dog accessories for your unique four-legged friend. Order now and find the perfect accessory for your dog!

Chest harnesses

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Couldn't find anything that fits? Show your creativity and design your dog accessories yourself. Whether chest harness, collar or leash, with our intuitive configurators you alone can decide how your dog should look.

With a matching set, your dog is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher!

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Our Configurators

design it yourself Brustgeschirr

Individuelles Brustgeschirr

ab 69,90 €

Design it yourself Tauleine

Individuelle Tauleine

ab 44,90 €

DIY Paracord Highland Leash

Individuelle Paracord-Highland Leash

ab 54,90 €

DIY Paracord-Halsbaender

Individuelle Paracord Halsbänder

ab 54,90 €

DIY Paracordleine

Individuelle Paracordleine

ab 54,90 €

DIY gepolstertes Halsband

Individuelles Halsband

ab 39,90 €

DIY Highland Leash Hundeleine

Individuelle Highland Leash

ab 49,90 €

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