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About us


Who is behind Lolinq?

That's us, Lea and Matthias, on the one hand, and our two furry friends Lina and Lola on the other. Lea, the creative little head and tailor, is 21 years old and is studying behavioral, neurological and cognitive biology on the side in her master's program. Matthias is 23 years old, studies Molecular Biotechnology in the Master's program and is the driving force behind Lolinq. He also takes care of our website and a smooth ordering process.

Lina (now 7 years old) joined our family in 2019, completed by Lola (1 ½ years old) in 2021. The two mixed-breed dogs from animal welfare accompany us through everyday life, make us laugh and have also led to the naming. Our logo is adorned with the cute little head of our Lola.


Why did we create Lolinq?

Since we have dogs, it was important for us to use suitable accessories. In general, we are very concerned with the health of our pelt-noses. Since we are active in dog sports and many of our friends and acquaintances also own dogs, we have had to see quite a bit of ill-fitting, restrictive equipment. When we wanted to look for a new harness for our Lina in a pet shop, we just couldn't find it. The harnesses were either way too big or sat too close to the armpit. We had tried many different brands and models. So we ordered a custom harness online, although the ordering process was quite complicated with custom measurements. The anticipation was great, but we found out after delivery that this one didn't fit well either. And that was after we had waited 2 months for it. That's why Lea started to acquire a lot of information on how to make harnesses. No sooner said than done - after all the material was ordered, we started sewing. The first harness was not very well made, but it got better every time. After numerous improvements, changes and tests on different dogs, we have now reached where we are today.


Our mission

We want every dog to be able to wear a harness that fits. That the shoulder is not restricted in movement, the armpits remain free and above all it should be safe. No matter if slim or muscular, short or long, big or small - every dog is built differently and that is exactly why individual solutions are needed. Whether in the city, in the water, in the deepest mud or during training - with us you will find the right equipment for every occasion.

Our products are designed to be safe, durable and visually appealing. Therefore, it may happen that not every hardware option is the right one for every dog. (If you would like to know in advance which carabiner will be used for your dog, for example, please feel free to contact us before placing your order).

We are constantly working on new products and hope to offer split chest straps or safety harnesses soon. So that it fits everyone.

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