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to design yourself

Design individual dog accessories with our configurators! Chest harnesses, collars and leashes according to your ideas completely according to the motto design it yourself. Customizable colors, designs, sizes and materials. High quality, comfortable and safe. Show the unique look of your dog.

Ready for shipping within 3 weeks!

Why use configurators from Lolinq?

Incomparable individuality: Your dog is unique, and with us you can make his accessories just as unique. Our easy-to-use configurators give you the freedom to combine colors, patterns and materials to suit your taste. The result is a dog accessory that is not only practical, but also reflects your personal style.

Real-time live preview: Thanks to our realistic configurators, you can instantly see how your choices will look. You'll get a live, interactive preview to review changes before you make your final selections. So you can be sure your design will be perfect.

Craftsmanship from Vienna: Every piece you design at Lolinq is lovingly made in Vienna. The dedication and care that go into every detail guarantee top-notch quality and long-lasting products.

Made to measure for maximum comfort: We know how important comfort and fit are for your dog. Our products are custom made to ensure they fit perfectly and offer your dog optimal freedom of movement - without compromising functionality or style.

Create adventures together: Your dog accompanies you on many adventures. Why not design his accessories together with him? Every choice you make will help create a product that strengthens your bond and reflects your shared experiences.

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